About SME Cafe

An Inclusive Business Accelerator (IBA) and SME Impact investment hub, promoting sustainable development of rural enterprise

We promote Access to Finance (A2F) & Access to Market (A2M) to Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise (MSME) for developing a sustainable enterprise, benefiting marginalised farmers and thereby plays a role in strengthening the rural economy of Bangladesh. Special focus is given on gender lens investment for facilitating women economic opportunity that promotes women economic empowerment and women leadership. Economic resilience against the adverse impact of climate change on livelihood is promoted for benefiting vulnerable community in Bangladesh.

We strongly believe in the power of the entrepreneurial spirit to transform lives and thus our motto is “Small business, Big Vision”. SME Café BD equips people living in poverty in rural Bangladesh to start sustainable businesses and forming savings groups; savings from their small businesses that improves their standard of living and breaks the cycle of poverty for themselves and their families. SME Café BD, was established by developing and managing an innovative financing solutions - Capital plus model that blends traditional development fund, debt finance, impact investment, and climate finance with purpose.


How SME Cafe Works?

Provides business development support(BDS) and facilitates adequate capital to MSME through lead enterprise led financing for ensuring its sustainable development.

We facilitate small & medium enterprises with the capital and coaching as the best solution for their financial & technical needs. Through our Capital Plus model, unbanked and underbanked SMEs in rural Bangladesh get all sort of financial & Business development support by being brought into the formal financial sector and market.

We are passionate about our mission in solving the financial and business development needs of SMEs which are struggling to be established as a sustainable venture. And we are enthusiastic to accelerate the benefits of marginalsied farmers and creating the economic opportunity for women to ensure their better standard of life. We work with a range of financial partners to target poverty, women economic opportunity, climate change, financing gaps and overcome market barriers. Together, we provide SMEs & social entrepreneurs (for profit or not for profit) access to training, mentoring and funding opportunities under our business model - “Capital Plus”.


Community Farming

Involving urban households in rural agricultural productions

Community farming is an unique initiative of SME Cafe to attract small investments in rural agriculture. In Bangladesh, there are thousands of hectares of fertile land that are not utilized in lack of investment. Land owners either lease their land to marginal farmers with limited investment or remains unused. We are allowing urban affluent households to lease and produce their desired crops for self-consumption or for selling.


Crowd Investment

Microinvestments in our SME portfolio

SME Cafe has its own SME investment portfolio that consists fishing, dairy, vegetation, poultry and many other impact SMEs. All businesses in our portfolio are 100% legally compliant and auditable businesses. You may invest in our portfolio with confidence.


Our SME Services

SME Cafe provides wide range of services to rural SMEs.

Legal and Taxation

Business registration formalities, VAT and Tax Management Services

Accounting and Audit

Formal accounting management and minimum-to-fullscale audit engagement

Financial Planning

Budgeting, financial planning and bank management services

Marketing Services

Business promotion, supply chain and impact creation services.

IT Services

SME ERPs, Accounting, POS, Ecommerce and Social Media Management

Investment Relationship

Concept note, investment proposal development and investor connectivity

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